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Healing happens here

Raion Zou Holistic Healing is your preimer Pittsburgh location for a variety of holistic and spiritual services.  Our mission is to make complementary and spiritual healing alternatives as financially accessible as possible.  We offer Meditation classes, T'ai Chi classes, Reiki, Reflexology, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing, and so much more.

Visit Indigo Owl Culture Shop, our retail shop, for crystals, crystal jewelry, candles, incense, spiritual supplies, boho and boho-chic decor pieces, and more!  Speak with our highly knowledgeable staff and trained practitioners about all your healing and metaphysical needs.  Your exquisite experience is our highest priority.

Whether it's classes, events, free clinics, or Indigo Owl sales - there's always something happening at Raion Zou.  Need an idea for your visit?  Check out some of our ideas here!





Free coffee or tea daily!  Scroll down to learn about what we offer!

Classes and Events

Want to learn more about our classes, workshops, events, certification classes, and clinics?  Click the button below to learn more!


Reiki, Reflexology, Shamanic Healing, Hypnosis, and much, much more - we have you covered at a fair cost.  Click the button below to learn more about our holistic services!

Psychic Readings

From time-to-time, we all need guidance in some form or another. Tarot, mediumship, and even, Shamanic journey are all tools by which we may choose to receive guidance.  It can help us connect with the spiritual forces – guides and teachers – that collude to support our growth and to foster a harmonious connection between us and the universe.  It can empower us to make balanced decisions for ourselves and for those we love.  Click the button below to learn more!

Indigo Owl Culture Shop

From crystals to soaps - we offer high quality goods at low costs.  Click the button below to learn more about our boutique!

Free Reiki Clinics

Reiki Clinic is our way of giving back to our customers and to the community.  It occurs on the first Saturday of every month, and every participant receives a free 15 minute Reiki session.

news / charitable giving

Have you seen us in the news?  Interested in how Raion Zou is giving back to the community?  Click the button below to learn more about our involvement.


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