Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual coaching helps you build the tools you need to help yourself in an area of life that requires balance.  Together, you and your spirit coach identify your goals and work together in a constant, focused way, to help you reinforce what you need and to help you strive for the very best.

We all have an inner-compass - a soft voice that points us in the direction we need to travel.  It is both a directional guide and a source of power.  Spiritual coaching helps us find our power center - the center within each of us responsible for energizing our dreams.  A spiritual coach helps you tap into that center, teaching you to listen to the messages in your heartspace, and supports you on your journey purposeful journey to betterment and inner strength.

Spiritual coaching comes in the form of discussion and action - utilizing different mediums to help you acheive the best results.  This may come in the form of guided visualization, sound healing, hands-on healing, or other methods.  

How can spiritual coaching help you?

  • It puts emphasis on your goals.

  • It helps you decide what matters most to you.

  • It creates an energetic support system - both your coach and your divine allies.

  • It supports your self-worth.

Spiritual coaching sessions are puchased in a package of four, and the fee is $150.  Each session runs 60 minutes.  Please allow at least 90 minutes for your first session, so we can get to know each other.