sound healing



Sound and vibration has been used for millennia to facilitate healing.  Sound shifts our brainwave state and sychonizes it through a stable frequency that the brain can attune to.  Repetitive rhythms and sounds can help us shift from Beta (waking state) to Alpha (relaxed state) to Theta (meditative state) to Delta (healing state) where the homeostasis effect takes over and our bodies begin to heal.  Quartz crystal bowls produce a pure vibrational sound field, which resonates within the energy centers of the body.  Each crystal bowl is tuned to the energetic pitch of one of the seven chakras in the light body, helping to clear blockages and release tensions.

As an added benefit, all crystal bowls have been Reiki infused, so we refer to our sessions as "Reiki South Baths".  

Sound Healing sessions last approximately 60 minutes, and the fee is $50.00 per session.  Use of the Jade and Amethyst biomat and post-session aura cleansing are client preference and come at no additional cost.  Sometimes clients feel more than one Sound Healing session is needed, and as such, three or more sessions may be purchased for a 10% discounted rate paid in advance.

Those age 55 or older, students, disabled, and military veterans receive 10% off all pre-paid monthly class fees.  This offer does not expire.

Watch our street performance of the crystal singing bowls!