Western and Native Spirit Healing

Western and Native Spirit Healing

The raven is well-known in Western and Native lore.  The raven's jet black eyes are said to fix the otherside in its gaze.  The raven is a trickster, but also, a totem of great power - symbolizing the cycle of life and death and communion with the spirit world.  The raven carries with it the power to overcome grief and loss, and to transmute those emotions into a healing force.

Christopher "Black Feather" Myler was introduced to the raven at an early age.  His grandparents knew he had a special gift and a special relationship with the raven.  He grew up in the world of Native Medicine Work, and at the age of 13, he took an interest in Western Shamanism, as well as, Peruvian Shamanism.  At the age of 15, he began learning both Native and Western shamanic healing techniques, and at the age of 22, he was an intiated healer through the traditional rite of Muay Ki.  His journey, however, didn't stop there.  At the age of 27, the universe thrust him closer to his destiny through the survival of a tragic car accident.  In some cultures, a near death experience is known as a "shamanic death".  It was shortly after healing from this experience that the raven guided him to his true path as a healer.  A student of Literature, Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Psychology, his connection to the energy and wisdom entanged within the universe is continually expanding. 

It is a Shamanic belief that illnesses have a spiritual root.  At Raion Zou Holistic Healing, we offer a synthesis of Western and Native spirit healing:

private Spirit Walking / Journeying - $35 per session

Shamanic journeying - sometimes known as spirit questing - is the primary tool of shamanic practice.  It helps us gather information, connect with the spiritual forces that guide us, heal from past experiences, and regain our power in this world.  Everyone has access to these realms, but we must first learn to trust our intuition.

Soul Retrieval, Extraction, and De-Possession - $70 per session

It is believed that trauma in this life or in past lives can cause the soul to splinter.  Sometimes, those splitners become lodged in our energetic system leading to fatigue, hopelessness, and a host of other issues.  Sometimes, too, non-compassionate forces may settle in the space the factured soul once inhabited.  Soul retrieval, extraction, and de-possession are a way of healing these traumas, removing the energy that has settled into their spaces, and reinserting the pieces of ourselves that we have lost.

Power Animal Retrieval - $65 per session

Everyone has a source of personal power, which is often symbolized as an animal.  If we become too involved in self-deprecation, that spiritual ally is pushed-out.  Through retrieval of this spiritual force, our sense of power grows and our grasp on the direction of our life tightens.

Transgenerational Trauma Release - $65 per session

It is believed that the pain (emotional, mental, and physical) of our ancestors is carried down the ancestral line in the same manner their wisdom is carried.  We must look to our ancestors to break the cycle and heal the present, so that we do not pass that pain forward to our offspring.

Shadow Work - $65 per session

What we do not contront about ourselves for fear of rejection by society is what we refer to as "the shadow self".  It is imperative we identify those traits and heal our relationship with them, so we can let go of negative or bad habits and realize our full potential.

Mirror Work - $65 per session

Mirror work forces us to take a good, hard look at ourselves, so we may see both the good and the bad traits.  More so, it helps us build a closer relationship with our flaws and the spiritual forces that support us.

House Blessings - $95 per session plus travel fees

Sometimes our environments retain the memories of what has happened in them - that fight, that divorce, that death - they are all important to the history of a place, but sometimes, they can wear on us.  Memories can sometimes take shape in the form of hauntings, leaving one at odds with an unruly spirit.  House blessings help heal the wounds of the land by calling in the compassionate forces to bless the space, while helping the troubled forces find their way home.

Medicine Bag / Talisman creation - Negotiable per session plus quoted material costs

Medicine bags and talisman help to bring us good luck, but also, help to protect us.  Medicine bags are sacred in Native culture - they are a spiritual container that can help nourish us and our guides.  A talisman is a general object of luck and protection that can be made out of nearly anything.  Both objects carry a sacred power for the wearer.

Death Midwivery - $95 per session plus travel fees

Death midwivery assists the dying rebirth into the spirit world.  It helps us come to terms with, to cope with, the process of dying, and to call in our spiritual allies to assist with a smooth transition.  Support is offered to both the dying, as well as, the family of the individual.  

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At peak times, we will offer retreats, as well as, equinox celebrations.