Reiki Certification

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gendai reiki CERTIFICATION

Reiki is a healing modality whereby the practitioner channels energy into the client by means of touch to activate the body's natural healing processes.  Reiki is practiced worldwide, and is now showing-up in progressive medical centers through volunteer programs as a complement to existing treatments.


Reiki classes are held both privately or in a group setting.  A series of three attunements are performed at each level, and all classes are required to receive the proper attunements.  If you are interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner, please contact us for a consultation.

Level I (Shoden / Beginning Practitioner) - Fee $175.00

Level I is your starting point on your journey to becoming a healer.  You will learn the history of Reiki, the hand positions, and self-healing techniques.  Ample time is provided for practice on yourself and each other.

Level 2 (Okuden / Seasoned Practitioner) - Fee $200.00

Level II helps you build your skills by providing you with three Reiki archetypes - otherwise known as "the symbols".  The symbols help you supercharge your Reiki session, so you can provide the greatest possible benefit to your client.  Ample time is provided for practice on yourself and each other. 

Level 3 (Shinpiden / Master) - Fee $250.00

Master level teaches you the spiritual aspects of Reiki practice, and how you can help others continue to walk the path of healing.  You receive the fourth and final symbol that helps you unblock all chakras in your client.

Level 4 (Gokui Kaiden / Master-Teacher) - Fee $600.00

Master-Teacher provides you with the tools for selecting the right students and teaches you how to perform attunements.  This level allows you to carry on the legacy of your energy lineage.

To sign-up for upcoming classes or a private reiki class, please call (412) 596-5025.