Four Directional Healing©



Offered exclusively at Raion Zou Holistic Healing by founder and practitioner, Christopher "Black Feather" Myler.

The medicine wheel teaches us so much about ourselves and our relationship with the earth, our ancestors, and our guides.  It teaches us the wisdom of our ancestors, the creativity of our inner-lives, the passions that spark our inner-drives, and what it means to be alive.  Moreover, it teaches us about our relationship to nature - the land, the sky, and each other.  This is the type of healing that helps us feel whole.

Four Directional Healing© is a mix of shamanic practice, spiritual coaching, and traditional energy work.  It teaches us how to nourish our mind, body, and spirit and how to build relationships with our spiritual allies.  This type of healing work may be used for any of the following:

  • A desire to create a more meaningful relationship with oneself.

  • Readiness to move beyond limiting belief systems and unhealthy habits.

  • Readiness to find one's authentic self.

  • A need to heal emotional, mental, or spiritual blockages that traditional methods cannot access.

  • A deep calling to the healing arts, and a need to heal beyond the bondage of the physical body.

During a session, tools like drums, rattles, crystals, song, and light touch may be used.  You may feel the energy in the body being moved around and redirected, you may have long-forgotten memories resurface, you may experience out-of-body sensations - these are natural experiences.  Ample time is provided following the session for discussion and coaching to help you retain the benefit from your session.

Four Directional Healing© fees are $70 per session.  Sometimes clients feel more than one Reiki session is needed, and as such, three or more sessions may be purchased for a 10% discounted rate paid in advance.