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Extrasensory Development

Extrasensory perception is available to everyone. Maybe you can "see", maybe you can "feel", or maybe, you detect the emotions of those around you. In this class, you will learn how to identify your unique extrasensory gift, and learn how to apply it, while building skills in other areas of extrasensory giftedness.

You will learn:

1) The types of extrasensory perception - mediumship, empathy, the "clairs".
2) Meditative techniques for building or developing your unique gift.
2) Divination tools and how to charge and use them. 
3) How to open and balance your energies.

Group exercises are a standard part of this class. We also invite everyone to bring their divination tool of choice, if you have one. If you do not have one, tools may be borrowed during the class. 

The fee is $10 per class or $35 paid in advance for the entire month.

This class is lead by Tiffany, a gifted Clairsentient and Clairaudient with flashes of Mediumship insight. Tiffany is the on-site tarot reader at Raion Zou with 20 years experience providing intuitive consultations and experience with hundreds of past clients, parties, and events.

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