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Hunting and Healing the Shadow Self

Shaman and Native Medicine workers use the word "hunting" to describe the process of finding the shadow self. The shadow is always there, always following us, but it is hard to capture.

The shadow self is formed by the way we deal with unwanted feelings and thoughts. These feelings do not simply go away, they sculpt an aspect of us that can attract people or situations that take similiar shape as those unwanted feelings and thoughts.

If there is a person or a situation in your life that is unwanted, getting to know the shadow self can help us understand why it was attracted into our lives. Shadow work helps us send compassion to that part of ourselves we have kept caged for so long, and it can generate new possibilities and new behaviors in our lives.

The journey into the shadow self is guided and accompanied by Shamanic drumming. The session will last approximately 90 minutes. Please bring a yoga mat or something comfortable to lie down on the floor.

All Shamanic work is performed by loving donation. Suggested donation is $15.

Earlier Event: February 10
Biomat Clinic
Later Event: February 12
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