Reiki Master Certification Deposit

Reiki Master Certification Deposit

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Are you a Level Two Reiki practitioner with a desire to learn the spiritual practices and master symbology of Reiki?

Master Level Reiki training begins June 9th!

You will receive the last symbol associated with Gendai Reiki – Dai Ko Myo (Master Symbol). This symbol can replace all other symbols learned in your Reiki practice, and it is a powerhouse of healing, cleansing, and balancing energy.

The symbol is implanted in the master practitioner's aura, which gives them a close, personal relationship with it, but also, allows them to call upon or activate it as it is needed in their practice.

Additionally, we will discuss how to take your Reiki practice to the next level through the everyday spiritual practices of Reiki, and how to appropriately pass those practices on to your clients.

Master Level allows you to enter available volunteer organizations where you can strengthen your skills as a practitioner.

A series of three attunements are required over an eight hour class schedule, so both classes are required to become a Master Level practitioner.

Fee: $250 paid in advance. Seats for this class are held for a non-refundable $75 deposit with the balance of $175 due at the completion of the first class. Workbook, lecture materials, hands-on practice, energy lineage, and a certificate of completion are provided as a standard part of class fees.

Seats for this class are limited to 8 people, and it is first come, first serve. Seats fill fast. Please call (412) 596-5025 to reserve your seat.

Instructor: Christopher Myler, Gendai Reiki-Ho Shihan has performed thousands of Reiki sessions and has taught numerous classes over his time as a Reiki practitioner. He is a certified meditation instructor, certified hypnotist, Shamanic practitioner, and co-owner of Raion Zou Holistic Healing.