Biomat Sessions

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The Chinese and the Aztecs both believed that jade helped to sustain health and longevity.  Shaman of old believed it could treat kidney and adrenal gland disorders.  Metaphysically, jade is known for its detoxification factor, immune system support, lymphatic support, and Chi stimulation.  Scientifically, jade stone is an amazing conductor of far infrared heat.

Far infrared heat has been show to deeply penetrate tissue, unlike your traditional heating pads.  With the proper selection of stone, jade biomats have been shown to help relieve sciatica, hypertension, arthritis pain, and other deep tissue issues.

Our BioMat can also be used in combination with Reiki and Reflexology sessions to help relieve deep tissue pain.

Individual sessions run as little as $15.00 per half hour or $25.00 per hour.  

Those age 55 or older, students, disabled, and military veterans receive 10% off all pre-paid monthly class fees.  This offer does not expire.